Clinics: Pain Management & MRI

Pain Management & MRI

(15 Reviews)
1308 MacDade Boulevard, Folsom, PA 19033
(610) 532-0657
(15 Reviews)

Pain Management & MRI

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Pain Clinics In Folsom are growing in numbers. Make sure you are getting the correct treatment for your needs! That is key to ensuring a pain-free lifestyle. You mental and physical state are equally important, so getting a proper diagnosis among specialists out there is the key!

Let help!

Pain Management & MRI,  (Medical clinic), could very well be the place you can consider booking an appointment with today. It is located in the heart of Folsom, PA.

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1 star/5
Horrible staff from the front desk and the back.. I don’t know why my attorney even matched me up with these people lack of communication lack of bad service lack of just circus clowns staff that talks about people that’s being treated here. I would not recommend them to anyone absolute worse
[4 months ago]
5 stars/5
I have been getting treatment from Dr. Chris and Dr. Ray for several years now. I always leave the office feeling 110% better! They have treated me for two car accidents and as a cash patient. The front desk staff are always cheerful and …
[2 years ago]
2 stars/5
I have to be honest the front desk staff is polite the doctors are polite and as far as I could see the staff in the back are polite as well. However the services provided are not effective. I think that it is painfully obvious that …
[3 years ago]


1308 MacDade Boulevard, Folsom, PA 19033

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Wednesday, 9AM to 7PM Thursday, 9AM to 5PM Friday, 9AM to 3PM Saturday, Closed Sunday, Closed Monday, 9AM to 7PM Tuesday, 9AM to 5PM.

1308 MacDade Boulevard, Folsom, PA 19033

People suffering from major disorder that is depressive (MDD) are often unmotivated to seek out things that once gave them pleasure. Those of us who are prone to generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) often go to extreme lengths to avoid situations that seem threatening.